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1.What's blow molding?
One method of plastic molding process that make hot melt parison inside mold cavity become
inflation with the aid of air pressure then form hollow plastic products.Blow molding is the
main molding method for the hollow plastic products, including three steps such as parison
formation, parison inflation and cooling solidification in its molding process.

2.What's blow-mold folding table?
Folding table produced in the way of blow molding.it is constructed of high density polyethylene
table top and steel legs.

3.What's HDPE?
One kind of plastic particles,HDPE is abbreviation for high density polyethylene.Raw HDPE looks
ivory and semitransparent.It features heat resistant,cold resistant,endurable and high impact.

4.Why are all kinds of blw-mold folding table made from HDPE?
This is because HDPE has its good feature listed above.HDPE table top features lightweight,strong,
endurable and economical,matching with strong tubing as legs,it can fully substitute for other
similar tables, and are more convenient to carry and store.

5.What's powder coating?
One method of surface treatment for metal products.it features environment,anti-rust,high adhesive
force,high impact and endurable.It is better than traditional paints.

6.Will if fade in the sunlight?
All products left out in the sun for extended periods of time will eventually fade.
So we don't suggest such kind of products are used for long time under the sunlight.  However, Our
tables have UV inhibitors that can help prevent fading and maintain the integrity of the polyethylene
when exposed to sunlight providing years of color.

7.Can we use it outside?
We uses a powder coating process on its steel which coats a bare metal object with electro-statically
charged powder. It is then baked at a high temperature. Powder coating is the most durable coloring
process on the market. It is better than traditional paints.So it can be used outside.but we don't
suggest using these tables in the water and rain for extended periods of time as this will reduct its
lifetime slowly.

8.How about its stability?
Usually folding table's stability is not as good as unfolding one's because of its movable joint, but
such kind of weakness can be fully improved through scientific design.Our table has a good steel frame
design which can provide a sturdy foundation.

9.Does it need tools to install?
No need.it's very easy to operate and store.

10.Will it stain?How can i clean this table?
Our tables and chairs are made from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is resistant to most organic
stains. But oil, grease, and wax-based residues may not wipe off with just soap and water. We recommend
using non-scratching pads, such as Scotch Brite or Dobie, or a mild abrasive cleaner, such as Soft Scrub.
We recommend cleaning the surfaces of our tables and chairs with mild dish soap and a damp cloth. For 
greasy food residues, use a mild abrasive, such as Soft Scrub, and a soft-bristled brush or non-scratching
pad. For automotive grease, use a de-greasing cleanser.

11.Can it be cold resistance and heat resistance?
No problem.It features cold resistant and heat resistant.Its melding point reaches 130℃,HDPE tables can be
safely used in the environment from -60-+40℃

12.What's the difference between blow-mold folding tables and other common tables?
Lightweight, folding and easy to carry and store; more durable than common wooden tables;environmental

13.What  kind of table is a good table?
The metal frame design must be scientific without safety trouble,folding system must be durable,the whole table
must looks strong and have good stability.

14.Why should we choose Jiany Furniture?
Before setting up the factory,we have almost 10 years working experience in this field,we fully understand a table,
we can provide a consistent quality control.Choose us, choose best!

15.Is it expensive?
Compared to many wooden tables,its price is only 70% of them,even half of them.